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We Won an Award from the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Sustainability Awards
  • 03 Jan 2024

In the "Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Sustainability Awards" organised by the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, the 3rd place we have achieved as SMS TORK in the SME category was a reflection of our sustainability mission and a great proud for us.

We Bring Innovation and Efficiency Together in Sustainability!

As SMS TORK, sustainability is not just a term, but a value that is at the centre of our way of doing business. While planning and implementing our business processes, we consider not only financial but also environmental, social and corporate governance factors. Within this framework, we adopt the mission of shaping an innovative and efficient future with sustainable values.

Contribution to the Environment and Society is Our Principle!

Our understanding of sustainability is based on fulfilling our environmental responsibilities and adding value to our society. Our business models, production processes and product portfolio are based on the principles of minimising environmental impact, sensitivity to social needs and efficient business processes.

We Won an Award from the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Sustainability Awards

The Award is a Reflection of Our Efforts and Innovation Culture

This award is a reflection of our achievements in 7 main criteria covering our financial performance, international trade achievements, operational efficiency, human resources and employment policies, our approach to ESG (environmental, social, governance) standards, digitalisation strategy, research and development and innovation activities.

We Keep Moving Forward!

We would like to thank all our colleagues, business partners and supporters who contributed to this success. We look forward to many more achievements together in order to carry our sustainability mission even further.

Continuing on our way with the principle of sustainability to shape the future!

This award is not only a result for us, but also a reward for our efforts to make sustainability our way of doing business. With this mission, we are determined to shape the future with the principle of sustainability.

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