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We are in the February Issue of DTK Magazine
  • 24 Feb 2023

Our interview took place in the February issue of DTK Magazine, one of our important sectoral magazines.

You can find the details of the interview below.

We are a company that always attaches importance to innovation. Among our annual targets, each department must have an innovation project. It is very important not to lag behind the developments in the market, to always improve oneself and to be able to move forward. In this sense, we spend a significant part of our annual turnover on R&D investments. In addition to improving our existing products and offering better solutions; We also launch new and first-time products to the market. For example, we started to produce level switches locally in 2022. We have other projects that we want to localize in our size control product group. Again, we started to produce the flow switch, which is a very new product of ours, locally. We have completed our entire range of scotch yoke actuators in our actuator group.

In addition, we would like to add new series in our electric actuator. We would like to complete the entire series in addition to our existing dimensions. In this family, we have a project that we are working on again. In this project, we want to make the final tests and start mass production in the near future. This was a very big project for us. When our project is finished, it will be a domestic product that we add to the Turkish industry. In this way, we will have completed our domestically produced electric actuator family.

In 2022, we also moved to our new factory. We increased our efficiency and prevented waste in our production line, which we set up according to the lean system. This year, we will continue to work on lean production with our Continuous Improvement unit. We want to complete this process in all our production lines.

Of course, product mix is an important issue when developing a product. It is necessary to offer the right product in the right market, with the right price and channels. While developing a new product with R&D, we proceed by planning this process. First, we determine the need of the market. We are looking at how we can make our solution more efficient and innovative. I talked about the importance of innovation. Undoubtedly, R&D investments are among the most important investments for a company in terms of innovation. We give due importance to this field. At us, project management starts with the first request. This can be a special production request directly from a customer or it can be a new product that the company wants to add to its product range in line with our strategic goals. First, market research and cost-benefit analyzes are made. Then, if the result is positive, a calendar is created and project work begins. In this way, we have many localized products. Solenoid valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators are some of them.

It was a period when the effects of the 2022 pandemic continued and there were difficulties. It is difficult to say that we will leave the difficulties behind in 2023, but I think the most important thing here is to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Somehow you have to make the right moves in this game. While determining our 2023 targets, we aimed to pay attention to them, to set and implement strategic targets for them. We want to increase our exports. Our work towards this will be more intense in 2023. In addition to the existing fairs we attend, we would like to participate in new fairs in different markets. This year, we participated in fairs in new countries such as Italy and Dubai. They have had good feedback for us. In the coming period, we want to be in strategic places for our company. The war with Russia, economic fluctuations and many global crises still continue. But we plan to continue our investments. We will throw our seeds, waiting for them to grow and bloom in the future.

We moved to our new factory last year. For the upcoming period, we have to start our new factory construction in the expansion area next to our existing factory. Accordingly, we want to expand our production line. We have investments in test systems that we want to buy new. There are projects that our R&D unit is working on. We are an engineering-themed company that also develops works for the needs of our customers. Accordingly, we have projects that we are working on. In addition, we want to make improvements to our existing products. For example, one of them is to complete our range of electric actuators. I talked about my flow switch and level switch localization projects. We continue our work in these product groups. We have now started domestic production in the measurement control product group. I think that all these works will be a good value for Turkey as well.

In addition, we want to increase our exports even more. We have the "Export to the Most Countries" award given by ISIB, which we have received twice in a row before. Again, we want to be more active all over the world. Our targets for 2023 are big and we are working for this with great enthusiasm. Our main goal is to produce reliable, quality and robust products and services.

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