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Our Interview for the November Issue of DTK Magazine
  • 08 Nov 2022

You can find our interview in the November 2022 issue of DTK magazine below.

“I think that market-oriented products that meet customer needs will be accepted in the market”

After the bad effects of the pandemic, the world is now faced with the Russia-Ukraine War, which is the largest-scale war in Europe after the Second World War. With the fluctuations in the global economy, energy crises and increasing input costs, there were already declines in many sectors. The construction industry is one of the most affected by them. When we look at the sectoral data, we observe a shrinkage in the construction sector.

Construction is an important sector in terms of investments. It may have been affected by the current world crises, but I think these fluctuations will stop over time. We continue our work in this field, and we meet the demands. Since we have a wide range of products, we can address many sectors. This has been our advantage at this point. We were able to close the places where we were affected by the construction sector from other sectors.

I think that market-oriented, customer-oriented products will be accepted in the market. In addition to this, of course, we can add quality and after-sales service, maintenance services. As Tork, we first conduct market research before introducing a new product to the market. We examine customer demands, we look at the needs of the market. We work on producing the product for that need. Quality, efficiency, I can say that these are our indispensable cornerstones. Before a product reaches our customers, it goes through long testing periods and research. With our international quality certificates, our quality process is also audited by foreign companies every year. We always stand behind our product. We direct our team when there is a need for product support, both during and after the assembly process. We also offer maintenance services to our customers if needed over time. For this, we also established our service maintenance unit. We use our technical know-how, both in our own brand and in other brand products, for the service maintenance needs of companies. Since we are also a domestic manufacturer, we can provide quick solutions for any spare part need.

Solenoid valves, pulse valves, piston valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, actuator valves under Tork brand; We also manufacture ball valves with our other brand, Varnasan. We are able to offer customers a full set of solutions. Since our product group is very wide, the sectors we address are also in a wide range. But I can say that our most demanded product group is solenoid valves. It can be preferred more in the market as it has the option to be used in many different fluids in many areas. They are products that provide a small, compact and economical solution. Our torque solenoid valves are also divided into 7 different groups according to the fluid used. In addition to our 7 main groups: S10 general purpose, S20 steam, S30 vacuum, S40 fuel, S50 compressor, SS10 stainless and SX atex series, we also have special series solenoid valves such as pinch valve, group solenoid valves, ship whistle valve, latching solenoid valves. exists. They are used in ironing machines with water, air, gas, steam fluids, fuel systems, gas stations, compressors, food, chemistry and explosive environments with ex-proof coils.

As I mentioned before, we have a wide range of products. In 2017, we started the production of ball valves by incorporating the Varnasan brand. In this way, we can meet the needs of a process as a complete set with its actuator and valve. Our solenoid valves are among our product groups with high potential as they provide ease of use in processes and are an economical solution. In addition, our product groups of actuated ball or butterfly valves, which are more preferred in factory automation, are highly preferred especially in sectors such as mining, chemistry, purification and food.”