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SMS-TORK undertakes to reduce the negative effects of production activities on OHS rules and the environment, to determine and control risks, and to develop them in line with the following principles by making continuous improvements:

  • To comply with applicable environmental, occupational health and safety regulations
  • To make timely and accurate risk analysis. To ensure that the hazards that will affect the environmental, occupational health and safety are determined and eliminated in advance.
  • To raise awareness of employees about occupational health and safety
  • To meet the identified resource needs regarding occupational health and safety and the environment in a timely and complete manner.
  • To prevent air, water and soil pollution and to take proactive measures in all activities for a safe and healthy workplace, to prevent accidents
  • To carry out studies that will ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental and OHS activities
  • To increase cooperation with suppliers that will ensure quality, environmental awareness and occupational safety, taking into account the product life cycle.
  • We are committed to making efforts to raise environmental awareness of all our stakeholders, especially our employees, and to do healthy and safe jobs.