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SMS-TORK Gives Importance to Innovation, Quality and Reliable Production
  • 04 Aug 2022

You can find our interview in the August issue of Mall Report below.

• With which products you produce as SMS TORK, you make the life of your customers easier, which sectors do these products appeal to?

As SMS-TORK, I can say that we exist wherever there is fluid. Therefore, we address many different sectors from food to chemistry, from defense industry to agriculture. Our product line includes solenoid valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pulse valves, piston valves, actuated ball and butterfly valves. We design and manufacture these product groups in our production facilities with a closed area of ​​9000m2.

• Could you tell us about the efforts of SMS TORK to solve the problems of its customers and the sector with its solution-oriented projects, and what position did you reach in the sector as a result of these studies?

We offer solution-oriented projects to our customers with our R&D unit. In addition to our existing products, we can also do company-specific works. First, we listen to the problem with our team, then we develop a solution. For example, a company that manufactures heavy vehicles came to us with a problem. We developed special products for their companies and provided solutions. Then we got the patent of the product. Of course, in this way, we become a company that stands by our customers with our engineering solutions in addition to our standard products.

• You are among the participants of the Achema Fair, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, what are your thoughts on the benefits of the fair for your company?

We were also away from fairs during the pandemic period. With 2022, we gained a little more speed. We also take care to attend the biggest fairs in the industry. Fairs are an opportunity to follow new developments, meet face to face with our customers and follow the market. I think it will go well at the Achema fair in this sense as well. We will bring our new product groups. We expect good developments in terms of both showing our innovations and seeing the innovations in the sector.

• Finally, what would you like to add?

As a company, we attach great importance to innovation, quality and reliable production. We are doing all our work and investments in this direction. We have a great team behind us working with all their devotion. We are working together to create a world brand in our industry from Turkey. Today, TORK brand products are preferred in 87 different countries. We continue our production with our brand and quality.