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TORK Smart Switch Box Suitable for Industry 4.0 Concept for Pneumatic Actuators
  • 16 Jun 2022

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Pneumatic actuator is an automatic control device for opening and closing rotary valves with compressed air. Pneumatic actuators are divided into two groups as single and double acting. Single-acting actuators open with compressed air and close with spring force. Double-acting actuators, on the other hand, perform both opening and closing operations with compressed air.

Switch boxes are products that show the position of the valves controlled by the pneumatic actuators and can have contact output from the switches inside according to this position. Smart switch boxes, on the other hand, are devices that can perform control and status monitoring as well as displaying the positions of the actuators.

Safety is at the forefront of some valves used in industrial applications. Where the control of valves is important, the control of actuators used is also important. Intelligent control devices are needed to detect malfunctions in actuators immediately and before they occur. The TORK Smart Switch Box (SSB), which we have developed to provide a solution to this need, is a smart device that provides control of pneumatic actuators, can monitor the condition, perform functionality tests, analyzes by taking information from the sensors and offers maintenance before a malfunction occurs.

Smart Switch Box

SSB in general;

• Instantly monitors the status of the actuators.

• Controls the actuator.
• It saves energy.
• It measures and displays the temperature value of the actuator.
• It shows the number of times the actuator has opened and closed since the first day and after it has been reset, with two different counters.
• Indicates any fault condition.
• By analyzing the data, it informs about the malfunctions that may occur, and ensures that they can perform maintenance before a malfunction occurs.

Thanks to the SSB, the actuator can be controlled online via the web and manually on the device or automatically with a control signal.

It has been designed to perform a partial control test (PST) for functionality control. This test is a method used for safety purposes and applied to test whether the actuator is working properly in valves that cannot be closed under normal conditions but are closed only in emergency situations. In the PST test, the pressures, temperature, opening and closing times of the actuator are measured and analyzes are made and fault conditions are determined or an early maintenance warning is given by calculating the probability of failure.

After the actuator reaches the desired position, it controls the coils of the directional valve and cuts its energy, thus saving energy. Although the coil cuts off the energy, the position of the valve guarantees protection.

SSB can be monitored and controlled via the web. For control over the web, it is necessary to log in with a user name and password via the https://cloud.inovatink.com/login link. It has the feature of being a product within the scope of the Internet of Things, with its ability to be monitored and controlled over the web and to generate fault warnings.

It is manually controlled and necessary settings can be made with 4 buttons on the smart control box (SSB). Status information is also provided visually by the LEDs located on the upper part of the screen. Identity information of the actuator, internet connection status, meter information, port A and B air pressure values, on-off time, status information and temperature value can be monitored instantly on the monitoring screen.

All R&D studies of the smart switch box have been completely done in our company, and in this way, it has been produced in accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept for safe systems, which is one of the needs of our industry. By sending an early maintenance warning, more costly and dangerous breakdowns were prevented, and a useful and useful product design was realized. In addition, thanks to this, our company's product range has increased and more value-added products have been put into production.