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What is a Butterfly Valve? Where to use? How to Choose? TORK Butterfly Valve Torque Values
  • 24 Apr 2022

What is a Butterfly Valve?

The butterfly valve; It is a type of valve developed to produce more economical solutions in the control of fluids, with a simple, compact structure, small footprint, 100% tightness, used for the control of liquid, gaseous or particulate, viscous fluids.

How to choose butterfly valve?

Fluid Type must be known.

The velocity of the fluid must be known

The temperature of the fluid must be known.

The Operating Pressure of the fluid must be known.

The diameter of the Butterfly Valve must be known.

The Connection Flange must be known.

The outdoor temperature must be known.

How the butterfly valve will be controlled, on-off or proportional, these should be known.

Customer preference should be specified regarding the type of Butterfly Valve (wafer, lug, flanged, eccentric, high performance, stainless flap, rilsan lined flap, PTFE lined, etc.).

Why should we choose Butterfly Valve?

Lighter than other valves

Opening and closing is easier and its performance is higher than other valves.

Compared to other valves, the pressure loss in the butterfly valve is less.

It is more economical than other valves.

It provides 100% impermeability.

It is easier to place, assemble and disassemble the piping.

It is long lasting,

Maintenance is simpler. and it is easy.

It is used safely in processes with PN10 and PN 16 pressurized fluids.

Varieties that operate at temperatures up to 450- 500 C can also be produced.

In Which Processes Is Butterfly Valve Used?

Used in treatment plants

It is used in heating, cooling water, boiler room, heat exchanger room in buildings.

It is used in hot or cold water installations.

Used in air lines, compressor faults

It is used in air handling units.

Cement, paint, powder, oil etc. Used in processes using viscous fluids

Used in the food industry

Used in the ship industry

Used in petrochemical plants, chemical factories

Used in the construction industry

Used in the paper industry

used in fire extinguishing systems, pump stations, booster systems

Used in drinking water, beverage fluids

It is used in processes in Iron and Steel industry factories.

İSKİ, DSI etc. It is used in city water and agricultural irrigation systems, transmission lines of organizations.

TORK Butterfly Valve dimensions, pressure classes and opening-closing torque values.

Important Notice: To control the butterfly valve automatically; When choosing an actuator, it is necessary to choose an actuator that outputs 25% more torque than the butterfly valve torque value.

Torque Nm values ​​were measured in water at 20°C and a safety factor of 30% was taken.